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this is a dynamically built gotty container


  • select packages with environment values
  • easily run in docker composes
  • available as alpine and debian base images



  • available with :latest
  • base alpine image + curl, jq, tmux and libc6-compat (light glibc compatibility to get gotty running)
  • main and community repo available


  • available with :debian
  • base image + curl, jq and tmux
  • sid main repo available

environment values

  • port - sets the port the gotty web-ui runs at (def. 8080)
  • userpass - sets a username and password for the webui (optional, def. none)
  • title - set application title (browser and tmux session title, def. gotty)
  • pkgs - additional packages to install when the container is started (optional, def. none)
  • command - the command to run (required, def. none/pfetch)
  • use_tmux - either open a subshell for every page load (false) or just attach to a single shell started at the beginning (true) (optional, def. true)
  • allow_write - allow users to send input, should be used with auth (optional, def. false)


this example can also be found in the repo

version: '2.3'

    container_name: gotty-docker
    image: byreqz/gotty-docker:latest
    restart: unless-stopped
     - 1234:1234
     - port=1234
     - userpass=user:pass
     - title=1234
     - pkgs=htop
     - command=htop
     - use_tmux=true